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Simple Four-step process for

Safe & Secure

IT Disposal & Recycling 

How it works

How do I dispose of my old computers, laptops or IT equipment?

This is a common question so we have set out  a simple four-step process for our environmentally friendly IT disposal and recycling services. We are experts in ethical, compliant IT disposal and recycling.  We operating nationwide wherever you are, we support you.

Whether you have redundant laptops, computers, servers, screens or other WEEE waste we can manage the recycling and secure disposal of your assets, whilst ensuring your data is secure. With a range of options available, we can customise our ITAD process to suit your needs and support your sustainability goals. Get in touch today on 0118 950 0022, Email us, or Message us.

Step 1: Arrange your WEEE Collection

We collect your electronic equipment whether it is loose or palletised, from any location in the UK 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Your WEEE is then transported to our secure storage facilities in GPS-equipped vehicles driven by our security-vetted IT collection staff. All collected assets are promptly booked into a 'quarantine' area upon arrival, where they are sorted, audited, and separated for data wiping or destruction.

Step 2: Secure Collection

Unlike typical deletion and formatting approaches, our extensive data security processes prevent unintentional disclosure of stored information and assure compliance with data privacy regulations. Using government approved tools we ensure that all data is permanently erased from all data-bearing hardware and include data destruction certificates to support the specified data sanitisation process. Our procedures are completely transparent, our recorded audit trail gives you 100% traceability of the erasure process, giving you peace of mind that your end-of-life IT assets are being securely and appropriately managed.

Step 3: Data erasure or Destruction

Any assets we collect that have gone through our certified data destruction process that are salvageable will be professionally refurbished to the highest standard ready for the secondary market. All assets are processed in a manner that creates minimal environmental impact ensuring responsible and sustainable disposal and recycling of redundant IT assets. Advance Services is committed to responsibly disposing of any waste generated by discarded IT or electronic equipment as a WEEE compliant recycler.

Step 4: Recycle & Disposal
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