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Is your email one of the 771 million accounts collected by a spambot.

Is your email or a member of staff's one of the 771 million accounts that have been collected by the spambot called “Onliner”?

The bot was created solely to spread malware that steals sensitive banking details and infect peoples computers. You can check here to see if an email account was one of the 771 million that has been infected on the HaveIBeenPwned service just by typing in the email/username account/s and search.

Troy Hunt (the owner of the website 'HaveIBeenPwned') said the leak numbers are “Mind boggling” and “the largest single set of data I’ve ever loaded into HIBP”.

Troy advises in cases where the attackers know only an email address, they can only target the owner with spam in the hope of tricking them into revealing more information. In cases where they also have the user's login password and other details, they can secretly hijack their accounts and spread the malware.

Mr Hunt said that the Spambot lists had been tracked to a Netherlands-based computer server, but it has yet to be shut down.

If yours or a member of staff's account is one of the 771 million, ensure the password for the account is changed to a more secure password by using these 5 simple rules.

Source: BBC News

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