The Real cost of Free IT Disposal.

August 18, 2017




Free! is always tempting, especially since reducing expenditure is a key focus for any company. However, IT disposal is not an area which pays to cut corners. The data risks associated with Free IT Disposal far outweigh the savings you will make by selecting a Free IT disposal over an accredited reputable company.



Allocating time & resources


Secure effective IT disposal requires skilled professionals to ensure no data is left/obtainable from the IT equipment, this can be a time-consuming expensive process. This means that any provider offering a free service, or at a very low cost, is unlikely to spend as much time and effort doing the job correctly as it would not be cost effective. This means that data from your IT equipment may still be obtainable meaning your business could be risk of a data breach.



Non- Government Approved Tools


A key part of data destruction is using the correct tools data erasure programs like Blancco (approved by NSC and used by (Advance Services) come at a cost per licence per device requiring erasure. This tool wipes all existing data files ensuring data is unrecoverable. There are free data erasure tools but these are not as reliable, not UK Government (NCS) approved and may leave your data vulnerable. Without using Licensed tools, it is impossible to ensure that data is definitively erased.



Risk of Data Breaches


The risk of free data destruction is one risk too many. Data that isn’t disposed of thoroughly can lead to confidentiality breaches. Data breaches not only put your organisations sensitive information at risk but also client’s information. This can have many repercussions including a fine from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and damage done to your business reputation can be irreparable.



Does your service provider hold valid certification?


Any reputable IT disposal company will be confident enough to provide you with a legal guarantee that the work they have done is complete, so you can rest assured that any stored data is safely and securely erased. An itemised data destruction certificate should be provided. A free disposal service may not be covered by insurance, meaning they aren’t able to make this commitment to you or provide you with the required certification.


Ensure you do you research on the service provider you choose and ensure they hold valid certification and documentation to carry out the work.


Advance Services has been providing IT Asset management services for over 15 years. We use NSC approved data destruction tools and are fully accredited. We provide certification for all works carried out. Call us now for more information on 0118 950 0022

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