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Computer PC, laptop, mobile phones, servers and tablets

Do you have redundant IT hardware or e-waste that could be decommissioned reused or recycled?

Retired IT equipment like laptops, computers, servers and other e-waste  can pose a big question; how best to recycle or reuse these assets whilst protecting the data stored on them? Unsurprisingly, for many businesses, managing IT asset disposal (ITAD) and the risk associated with sensitive data can take up a significant amount of time and resources.














Our sustainable secure ITAD methods ensure you mitigate the risks associated with IT hardware disposal. Wether we are collecing laptops, computers or loose data bearing media our fully vetted experienced team ensure to protect your data to the highest industry standards. We uphold our zero landfill promise by recycling your electronic waste ethically and sustainably in compliance with the WEEE regulations.

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IT Asset Disposal Specialists

Hard Drive Shredding

Total Data Security

Guarantee the security of your data with our data destruction service

An essential part of our  IT asset disposition (ITAD) service is ensuring your data security at all times, that’s we pride ourselves on our data sanitisation methods. We safely and securely remove all confidential sensitive data, so you can choose to redeploy or recycle your data-bearing media without risk. We offer both on-site and off-site data erasure and/or physical destruction using government-approved tools and adhering to industry standards. We provide you with a full comprehensive audit trail with itemised reporting. 

We offer a host of data sanitisation services including data erasure, data degaussing and data shredding. What data destruction method is right for you? Click below to learn more

Environmentaly Friendly Electronic Recycling

Dispose of your electronics and IT hardware ethically to help protect our environment

Advance Services operates a ZERO landfill policy, meaning all our IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) services are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner with our promise that no electronic waste ends up in landfills or is transferred to non-OECD countries. 

When equipment cannot be refurbished for the second user market, we break them down and separate them into different material classes such as metals and plastics, and they are transferred to our accredited partners for refinement. Our closed-loop recycling model supports your sustainability goals and overall corporate social responsibility.

We are a fully accredited ITAD provider. We are fully compliant with Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations and registered with Information Commissioners Office (ICO). We carry waste carrier permits and T11 waste exemption for storage and transport so get in touch to book your WEEE Collection.

The UK alone  is responsible for around 1.5 million tonnes of electronic waste, and only 17% of this is recycled. Together we can do better



Why use Advance Services?

Secure IT Collections

We offer a fast and secure IT collection service, book your WEEE collection for a time that suits you.  We guarantee on-time collections, all staff are vetted and all vehicles are fitted with satellite GPS. We work hard to ensure your data security whilst in transit

Accredited Service

 Our ITAD services are WEEE compliant. We are a registered member of the  Information Commissioner's office  and an approved waste carrier by the Environmental Agency so you can rest assured your IT assets are in safe hands

IT Recycling Experts 

We ensure that any IT recycling we collect is processed in a manner that creates minimal environmental impact. Achieve your CSR goals by recycling, selling or donating your IT equipment to your chosen charity

Data Security

Whether on-site or off-site, our experienced IT security staff will ensure secure data destruction is carried out according to the industry standard using government-approved data sanitisation tools with documentation provided after completion.

Audit Trail

We provide you with a full comprehensive audit trail with itemised reporting from start to finish so you can track and trace your IT assets and the processes they went through from secure collection to refurbishing or recycling

Nationwide Service

Wherever you are, whenever you need us. We operate a UK nationwide collection service, all vehicles are fully liveried and all of our staff are uniformed and carry ID at all times. All vehicles are satellite tracked for additional security

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