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Office Relocation

We ensure your IT infrastructure gets safely from one place to another mitigating any present logistical & security challenges 

We offer a professional  IT equipment relocation service that enables our customers to relocate their IT assets from one site to another in a secure, safe and controlled manner.

We will work with you to agree on a plan and timescales for the move. This information is signed off and agreed in advance and where required we can perform an on-site assessment management audit to help identify the location of the current assets.

Once the project has started, each device is placed into a secure container, this then allows the units to be easily identified and located at the new office location; the skilled installation engineers are then able to reinstall and locate the devices in the new location.

We offer a Secure IT transport service whereby our experienced security vetted team collect and transport your IT assets to their new loca. Our vehicles are fitted with GPS satellite tracking adding to the security measures to ensure every asset is secure and can be tracked through the project lifecycle.

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