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Charity Donations

Our IT equipment donation program is designed to ensure your old laptops, computers printers, and other IT equipment get into the hands of those that need them most.

Our ITAD solutions allow us to carry out IT equipment donations on your behalf. Once we collect the goods from your premises, we take them back to our secure facility and ensure all data-bearing media goes through our secure data destruction process. Once the assets have had all data removed, we then professionally refurbish the assets, so they are ready to be donated to good causes.

Please note any IT assets you wish to donate should have an intel i3 processor minimum or AMD equivalent so those asset(s) can handle the requirements of those who will be using them. The IT assets should be in full working order, with a power supply (charger). 

If you would like to know more about how your old computers and IT equipment can help those in need please contact us.

Donating Laptops to school
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Our Partnership

Helping UK schools and their pupils

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that we all had to make changes to the way we work, workplaces had to close and so too did the schools with many school pupils having to be home-schooled. This soon highlighted the severe shortage of pupils that have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet to support their education. An Ofcom report estimated that up to 1.8m households in the UK were without a desktop, laptop or tablet. When we caught wind of this we felt it was our duty to step up, that's why we are proud to announce our partnership with Business2Schools, enabling us to donate professionally refurbished IT to our UK schools, in turn allowing them to provide a better learning experience for their children and students.

If you are a school please register on Business2Schools and get in contact with us via the partner's page

We were delighted to have been able to help

Our ITAD services have allowed us to work with various charitable organisations across the UK. Combining our data sanitisation and professional IT refurbishment methods we can provide your retired IT equipment with a new home.

"Your generosity has ensured that all the service users continue to benefit from Conductive Education, helping them reach their full potential and hopefully this will assist them to lead confident and independent lives, thanks again"

Fiona Walker, Corporate & Trust Fund Raiser

The Foundation for Conductive Education

"On behalf of Mrs Mary Hutson and the team at Home Start, thank you for the items, the staff and services users were more than happy"

Ian Starr EMEA Asset Lifecycle Management CSC

Home Start

"We have been absolutely blown away by the generosity shown to us by Advance Services and I don't think I could fully get over to you what the donation of up-to-date machines means to us as a staff team and for our attendees. So we owe you a huge debt of thanks and we will be making sure that we sing your praises to the rooftops"

Margaret Hawthorn Charity Administrator


Want to know how your old IT can benefit those in need? Get in touch today.

A single donated laptop or PC can provide an avenue for several children in a household to keep up with their education and additional benefit that come with giving an IT asset a second lifecycle is it also saves the carbon emissions, waste and energy usage associated with the creation of new IT assets such as laptops pcs and printers. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is at the core of what we do and we believe that if we all strive to give our IT a second life cycle we begin moving towards a more circular economy and a more sustainable future.

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