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Secure Data Destruction Services

Compliant, cost-effective and secure

data sanitisation solutions 


At Advance, we understand your requirements and obligations concerning data security, when you are our client, we consider your reputation as our own, that’s why only use the best in industry methods and tools to carry out our data destruction services ensuring your business remains compliant and secure. We offer a range of services that guarantee 100% of your data has destroyed, supported with certificates of destruction. Our secure data destruction service offers a full audit trail with itemised reporting so you a have record of all items shredded, erased, or degaussed 

Our data sanitisation services are designed to mitigate risk, save you time and money so click below for you your free quote


Data Destruction Services
Which is the right method for you?


Data Erasure

If you wish to reuse, redeploy or recycle your data bearing devices, you should ensure all sensitive and confidential data has been safely and securely removed.


At Advances Services we only use the best in industry tools to sanitise your data. The Blancco secure data erasure software platform is the fastest and most effective data erasure tool available on the market, we use this tool to erase 100% of the data, returning any data bearing device to a blank slate.

We provide full itemised reporting concerning the data-bearing IT assets and data erasure, so you have a transparent audit trail. We also provide data destruction certification on the completion of the data erasure process.



Hard Drive Degaussing

Advance Services offers an NCSC approved HDD degaussing service. This form of hard drive disposal physically destroys the storage device so that the data is permanently inaccessible and inoperable. We use Verity Systems degaussers which destroy data on any magnetic based media including hard drives, disks or tapes.


We provide certificates of data destruction for each device that goes through this process.

Hard drive Shredding

When your hard drive is nearing the end of life, you must look to dispose of this ethically whilst ensuring sensitive data is not at risk. Advance services’ safe secure hard disk shredding service is the ultimate solution.


Our hard drive shredder is capable of shredding down HDD or SSD too small 6mm pieces, destroying data-bearing devices completely.  Our service includes itemised reporting of hard dive serials before shredding, ensuring a complete transparent audit trail of secure data destruction.


This HDD destruction service can also be witnessed and overseen in person if required. We dispose of all shredded hard drives in compliance with Waste Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations upholding our zero to landfill promise





The benefits of Advance Services’ data destruction service

Fully Compliant Service

We destroy your data in compliance with all the relevant data protection laws and regulations, so you can rest assured that your legal duty of care to your staff and customers has been met.

Audit Trail

Our data destruction procedures are quality controlled and fully documented We provide a full itemised audit trail of each device that has been data sanitised.

Environmentally Friendly

All of our services are carried out with a focus on the environment, upholding our zero to landfill promise, keeping our services green.

100% Data Destruction Guarrantee

Using our government approved tools we make sure that 100% of data is permanently erased from all data-bearing hardware and include data destruction certificates to support the specified data sanitisation process.

On -site & Off-site

Data Destruction services

We understand that company policy, insurance, or legal requirements, can determine how and where your data can be handled so we ensure we can provide our services at our secure facility or your premises.

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